Murder victim may be linked to Georgia

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A strange murder mystery may have ties to Georgia.

Police think they know who the killer is but they don't know who the victim is.

Law enforcement in Ohio released a re-constructed composite of a murder victim.

Her remains were found in 2007 but she may have been killed in 2004 or 2005.

She was between 15 and 30 years old when she was killed.

Police recently linked the remains to an Ohio serial killer named Shaun Grate.

He was sentenced to death last week for murdering two women.

He told authorities that he killed the woman in Ohio and that she may have been a magazine saleswoman.

Ohio's attorney general said researchers at the University of South Florida used isotope analysis on the bones.

They've determined she was likely born in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Texas.

Testing also suggests she spent the last five years of her life in Texas, Florida, or the Caribbean.