Move It Monday: 'Her Fitness' in Canton

Did you load up on extra calories this weekend leading up to Memorial Day? No worries, this Monday we continue to get you moving.

Monday on Good Day Atlanta, Gurvir Dhindsa visits a small gym with big results. "Her Fitness," in Canton, is all about empowering women through working out.

The gym, which caters to women, is the brainchild of nutritionist Connie Hunter and her husband and trainer Greg Hunter.

At "Her Fitness," you find women of all ages.

Connie Hunter says women need a place where they are comfortable and don't have to worry about what they look like or whether they have makeup on. She says that at "Her Fitness," there are no bells and whistles or fancy equipment. Instead, it's just good old working and combining that with the right nutrition plan are really important helping them create the tools necessary for a lifestyle change.

For more information on "Her Fitness," click here.