Morrow Police looking for package-stealing 'Grinches'

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A Morrow family is hoping three men who stole Christmas presents off their front porch will soon be arrested.

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Tom Nguyen says he felt helpless last Friday as he watched the thieves steal UPS delivered boxes off his front porch.

The family's RING Doorbell security system captured the bandits in the act.

"It made me angry. It made me angry because these are gifts from my best friend to my kids. it's not yours why would you take it?" Nguyen asked.

Nguyen and even the Morrow Police Chief are convinced these crooks are veterans who have done this before. They are looking for three men and the black car, believed to be a Chrysler 200, that they drove.

Mr. Nguyen says the boxes contained two scooters for his kids and, ironically, a security camera for inside the house to prevent thieves from violating his home.

The Morrow Police chief is so incensed; he has pledged a $1,000 reward for anybody that will lead his department to the holiday hustlers that he wants behind bars on Christmas.

"This absolutely infuriates me. This is an issue going on nationwide. I want to see these guys in jail on Christmas Day. They need to spend their Christmas in jail. These are individuals that have literally taken presents from children," Chief James Callaway lamented.

The chief is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrests of the trio.

Anyone with any information that can help should email