More fallout over Atlanta police officer's suspension

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There was more fallout Thursday from an officer-involved confrontation with a drug suspect in Atlanta.

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The cell phone video shows three officers trying to get Ricky Williams in handcuffs. One of the three struck Williams with his fist.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said she saw enough from the snippet of video to determine the blows from Officer Quinton Green were unnecessary.

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Some of her officers disagree strongly with the chief's decision to give Green a 20-day suspension.

Several officers met behind closed doors at the police academy where law enforcement tactics are taught. The chief attended the meeting. Officers told Shields her opinion on the force, in this case, was the wrong one. They said the current defense tactics taught to all officers allow for those punches called “strikes” in police lingo.

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What they said Officer Green did was to strike the suspect and then pause to shout a command to show his wrists so they could be handcuffed. Upon refusal, the officer can deliver another strike.

Sources said the chief listened, but did not hear anything to change her decision on discipline.

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