More Evidence Presented During Motions Hearing For Ross Harris

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Judge Rules Cameras Can Stay in Courtroom

We are getting a new look at what happened in the first few minutes after 22-month-old Cooper Harris was found dead, strapped in his car-seat in the back of his father's SUV in 2014. Cobb County police testified Tuesday about interviews with Ross Harris in June of 2014 and the suspicions raised by his choice of words and behavior. 

Harris is back in a Cobb County courtroom on Tuesday for more pre-trial motions. Here's what happened on Monday: 

The judge in the Ross Harris trial ruled to allow the media in the proceedings.

The Marietta man is accused of intentionally leaving his toddler to die in a hot vehicle. Harris appeared before the judge Monday morning for a motions hearing.

Attorneys for Harris presented arguments to close the pre-trial hearings to the news media. State prosecutors and attorneys for local and national media were also present to argue for an open court during the proceedings. Media attorneys argued that other options, such as a change of venue and sequestration should be considered before closing the court to the media.

Harris' attorneys believe that extensive media coverage, both on the state and national level may harm their client's ability to receive a fair trial. Attorneys for media outlets argue that a fair jury can be seated from Cobb County's population of some 700,000 people.

In the end, the judge decided the media should be allowed in for the court proceedings.

Investigators said Ross Harris left his 22-month-old son Cooper in an SUV for several hours last June as temperatures climbed into the high 80s. The little boy died and the Cobb County man faces malice murder, felony murder, and cruelty to children charges.

Harris' attorneys called the child's death a tragic accident.