More complaints alleging abuse at mental health facility

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A mental health facility remaining quiet Thursday night amid abuse allegations.

Gwinnett County Police say they're investigating reports alleging abuse, including neglect, physical and sexual abuse over the last two years at the Lakeview Behavioral Health facility near Norcross.

Gwinnett County Police say they've received more than a dozen reports in just 24 hours after FOX 5's initial story aired Wednesday, bringing their total number of reports to more than two dozen.

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Tammy Allen says she called the police to file a report on Thursday and called FOX 5 to share her story about her son 14-year-old son who was recently treated at the facility. She claims her son was given medication without her permission and had injuries on his body when she picked him up.

She says from the beginning; things were not quite right.

"He had scratch marks on his face and behind his ears and he said staff did it because he didn't want to be a part of the group therapy," said Allen. "They [also] gave him some blue pill and a shot they called "booty juice."

Allen says when her son has gone to other facilities in the past, she knew exactly how long he would be there, the overall treatment plan and was notified every time he was given medication. But this was his first time at this facility and she says she hardly knew anything for the five days he was there.

"I asked if he was given any new medication and they denied it," said Allen.

FOX 5 attempted to get some answers in person after the facility would not return our calls or emails.

Initially, they wouldn't let us in but an employee who wouldn't identify himself said, "we have no comment."

But parents like Allen are determined to get answers.

"Something needs to be done because there is going to be more kids," said Allen. "Who knows how many there are."