Metro Atlanta sees rise in unemployment rate

Job seekers walk into the Gwinnett office of the Georgia Department of Labor in Gwinnett. (Photo by Chris Rank/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The Georgia Department of Labor says several counties in metro Atlanta recorded a rise in the unemployment rate in May.

According to officials, the unemployment rate was 2.6% in May - up 0.2% over the month compared to the same time in 2021.

Labor Commissioner Mark Butler say the labor force increased in all of Georgia's counties and metropolitan areas.

Butler also pointing out many areas are struggling to fill seasonal and temporary jobs due to the number of full time employment opportunities.

"Job postings continue to outpace those gains placing strain on employers to find talent for open positions," Butler said.

In Atlanta, officials reported the city having nearly 3 million jobs - up slightly over the month and up 6.1% over the year.

The majority of job numbers were seen in the wholesale trade sector, information, and financial activity fields.