'Masked Mayor' encourages residents to 'Mask Up' during pandemic

“The Masked Mayor” is on a mission to encourage residents to wear masks to help stop the spread of COVID in the City of South Fulton. He's partnering with local businesses to get the word out.

The masked crusader made the rounds at the Shops of Camp Creek Village on Butner Road on Wednesday afternoon, armed with decals encouraging residents to wear masks.

He asked business owners to display the decals and require customers wear face coverings.

City of South Fulton Mayor Bill Edwards is the man behind the mask.

"We just want to tell everybody, here in South Fulton we are about masking up," said Edwards.

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The Mayor told FOX 5 the Mask Mayor campaign is a light-hearted way to stress the importance of wearing a mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Business owners Edwards met with Wednesday welcome the city initiative. Those we talked to had already implemented some safety measures in response to the pandemic. Denise Hafeez praised the effort.

"When the mayor says we need to mask up, we are on board with him, because we know that the masks will cut down on COVID-19. So, wearing the mask is very crucial at this point in time," Edwards said.

Jazz Club St. James Live has added shows and reduced the number of patrons admitted to their live performances to allow for social distancing.

Owner Ronald St. James was one of the first business owners to sign on to the mayor's campaign.

"If you come out to St. James Live please be reassured that we are going to do everything we can to keep you safe," said St. James.

The masked mayor will visit stores, restaurants, and other businesses throughout the city to ask them to join his campaign, and the masked crusader will distribute t-shirts and yard signs to people he sees wearing masks.

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