Marietta students pull off huge toilet paper prank at high school

While the COVID-19 pandemic might be forcing students to take classes remotely, it didn't stop Marietta High School seniors from pulling off a prank this year.

Students covered the school with toilet paper Friday, creating quite the mess to clean up.

Toilet paper draped tree branches, signs, and the campus' grounds.

Some called the move a waste of resources during the ongoing pandemic, but others say it's good old fashion fun and a much-needed distraction from the outbreak.

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"I guess its a bad thing that we have all the toilet paper now because they can get away with it. Just a couple of months ago you couldn't have done this," Marietta resident Caitlynn McFee said. It's kind of mindboggling to see it all just blowing in the wind."

Crews were out Friday morning cleaning up the huge mess.

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