Marietta High School's toilet paper prank tradition on 1st day of school

It's the first day of school for students at Marietta High School, and this year's seniors wasted no time putting on their annual prank.

Every year, the seniors at the metro Atlanta high school go all out to cover the school with toilet paper

Tuesday afternoon, the seniors continued the long-standing tradition by draping tree branches, tossing paper over signs, and making a complete mess of the school's parking lot.

Principal Dr. Marvin J. Crumbs was there to throw out the first roll to help the students kick off the school year.

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Student body president Valeria Rodriguez says this class started freshman year virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this moment felt extra special to them as they began their last year on campus.

"It's kinda like special and heartwarming," Rodriguez said.

The tradition started more than 60 years ago and has become beloved in the community.

After making the mess, the students responsible for the prank come back to clean it all up later.