Man with 2 special needs children hopes to raise money for wheelchair accessible van

A Newnan couple is scrambling to find new transportation for two of their children with medical disabilities. They required a specialized van for both to get around.

"These are the children that we were meant to have." Jason Tuttle told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes. "This was the journey we were meant to be on, so we are going full force into this and doing the best that we can with the abilities that we have."

Tuttle and his wife Jennifer have been on this journey for 14 years. The couple's two children, Zachary, 13, and 11-year-old Samantha are both special needs. Born with multiple medical issues, they have limited mobility and require wheelchairs.

"A lot of people when they find out we have two kids with medical disabilities all very similar, two years apart, the typical response I get is, 'I don't know how you do it.' My response to those people and anybody that may be watching is, you know I'm just one father doing what I have to for my children," said Tuttle.

The most pressing need for his family right now, said Tuttle, is suitable transportation for his children. "The wheelchairs literally scrape each other going in. I couldn't get a piece of paper going in between them."

It's become increasingly difficult for the Tuttles to lift and secure the children in the vehicle and will soon be impossible to transport both children at the same time. Both parents work, but between living expenses and medical bills, their budget is strapped.

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The family has started a go fund me campaign to help raise $60,000 to purchase a wheelchair accessible van that will accommodate the children into adulthood, a vehicle big enough to comfortably fit two wheelchairs, outfitted with the necessary safety equipment.

"We wouldn't even have to roll them into the van.  It would use a hydraulic lift to lift them into the van and we would roll them in," Tuttle said.

Jason Tuttle is overwhelmed by the show of support the family has already received from those eager to help.

"That don't know me from Adam who've just seen the story seen our need, seen on social media what I post to just out of the goodness of their heart decided they want to donate," Tuttle said.

The family has created a GoFundMe to accept donations. Money raised will help pay for a new van.

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