Man tries to break into clubhouse, steals keypads

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A couple is accused of going to a subdivision’s clubhouse and stealing the electronic key lock pads. It's a crime that has the community and the police department baffled.

Surveillance video from the River Green Community in Canton show a man nonchalantly walk up to the park pavilion. He sets a bag down on the brick wall and walks straight to a bathroom door. It looks like he’s fidgeting with the electronic door lock and one could assume he was either trying to open it or he was an employee, except it was 1:30 in the morning and he is not an employee.

Instead, police said the man and a woman who showed up a short time later caused thousands in damage and made off with some pricey equipment.

Brooke Schmidt, the HOA president said the man spent some 40 minutes at the clubhouse. The woman spent the majority of her time in one of the bathrooms. It’s unclear what she was doing. But in that time, but police said the man managed to remove two electronic door locks from the bathroom doors. The video shows the man handing off a bag to the woman and then apparently tried to get into the equipment room next door but failed. The property manager found it the next morning with a lock pick still jammed in the keyhole. Police said the suspects also left behind these two commercial grade hand pump airbags.

Schmidt said after hitting the pavilion, the man went to the pool clubhouse and did quite a bit of damage there.

He not only took the card reader scanners but he even took the time to take the exit buttons that let people out.