Man shot in head in drive-by shooting, police searching for gunmen

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An Atlanta man was inside his own home when bullets came flying through his window. One of the bullets hit the 63-year-old in the head.  Police are now trying to find the gunman. 

Larue Cooper says he heard six or seven shots early Monday morning.  He says he ran upstairs and found his brother, Tyrone Alexander, on the porch holding his head with blood running down his neck. 

"The bullet grazed him in the head in the back, it didn't penetrate, grateful to God it didn't happen like that," said Cooper. 

Cooper says four people were in the house on Atwood Street in Southwest Atlanta around 1:30 Monday morning when bullets smashed through a front window and lodged in the walls and appliances. 

"One hit the refrigerator, mom was on the couch, and that bullet stopped anyone else from getting hit," said Cooper. 

The window is gone and the house will need some repairs, but Mr. Alexander is recovering. He is shaken, as is the entire family, knowing how close that bullet came.  

"We're trying to heal. Our family member is still here, he's not dead, we're trying to put all the pieces back together and move on," said Cooper. 

Atlanta Police say witnesses reported an orange or red Charger or Challenger drive by with someone firing a gun out the car's window. Cooper says he doesn't think anyone was targeting his brother or the house, he says it was a random shooting. 

"This is the West End, it's notorious for that. You have to be prayed up," he said.