Man robs Austell pharmacy at gunpoint

Three employees at Thomas Drugs are thankful they were unharmed following an armed robbery on Sunday afternoon.

Ashley Ray, a manager and pharmacy technician, said a man wearing a motorcycle helmet walked into the store around 1:20 p.m. The man handed over a list of opioids and pointed a gun at Ray.

“Very calmly he told me that he wanted the medications that were on the list. He didn’t want to hurt anybody,” Ray said.

This whole incident was caught on the pharmacy’s security camera. In the video, the man jumped over the counter, in the video, and followed Ray as she filled a backpack with the opioids. Less than a minute later, the man took the backpack from her and told her to get on the ground. The footage then shows the man calmly walking out of the store.

“I was nervous he was going to hit us with a gun or maybe he would have shot me after he was done, but he didn’t,” Ray said. “He just said don’t risk your life over this. I don’t want to have to kill anybody.”

Ray said someone in the pharmacy drive-thru saw them on the ground and called police.

Austell police said the man took off on a black motorcycle. He was wearing black pants with a white stripe along the side.

Ray has worked at the pharmacy for 20 years. She said there have been break-ins in the past but there has never been an incident as terrifying as this. “All I could think was I can’t believe this happening. It was like an out of body experience. It felt like I was in a movie.”