Man lures woman to car, exposes, fondles himself

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DeKalb County Police are searching for a man who lured a woman to his car in a Walmart parking lot while fondling himself.

Medical assistant Valerie Ivey was about to go shopping in a Decatur Walmart when she heard a man yell for help. She said he seemed to be in distress, so she rushed over to his car. That's when she realized this was a scheme to get her attention.

"It was this man in his car holding himself and fondling himself in the car," said Ivey. "He was doing some god-awful things to himself to gain attention, and it was really disgusting."

Ivey said she immediately screamed at him. "I called him a 'filthy nasty dog,' and when I said that his face dropped, he put his private parts back in his pants and drove away," Ivey said.

Ivey said she's been haunted by the incident ever since. "I get sick at my belly when I drive past this Walmart now," Ivery said. "It's sickening. It's disheartening," Ivey said.

The worst part for Ivey--she said she is now scared to do what she is trained best to do: help people.

"He cried wolf," Ivey said. "You don't play with a cry for help. We save lives, we help people, but when you play with that...I just don't know," Ivey said. "You can't do that."

DeKalb County Police are investigating the case, but they were not able to get any surveillance video from Walmart because the store said its cameras malfunctioned because of the rainy weather the day of the incident.

Ivey described the man as a white man with blonde or strawberry blonde short hair in his 40's wearing red shorts and a white t-shirt.

She said he drove off in an older model red Nissan sedan with damage to the rear end driver's side.

Anyone who may have seen this man is urged to call police immediately.