Man killed at spring break gathering in Union City

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A Union City mother said she will not bury her son until his killers are arrested.

Muna White is still trying to understand why her 23-year-old son Decarlos White was shot in the hip and head when he stepped out of a spring break gathering at the Motel 6 on Flat Shoals Road.

"I will never see Carlos again. I will never see my Baby again," his mother told FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor with tears rolling down her face.

White said her son was respectful, did not run the streets and was taking classes at Atlanta Area Tech and definitely did not deserve what he got.

She said her son did not know his attackers.

"Once it hit social media about a spring break party, people just started coming from everywhere," White remarked.

White had traveled out of town herself but is trying to understand what happened from others who were at the social gathering.

The witnesses told her someone asked Carlos to step outside of room 242.

"When he walked out, don't I know what took place then. They don't know ‘cause they never moved. They heard the gunshots, but they never moved. They dropped to the floor,” she said.

Union City Police told FOX 5 News Carlos may have been shot in a robbery attempt. They said there is no evidence associating him with a gang. Detectives are following some promising leads and working on warrants.

They also said there is video from the Motel 6 that is useful.

"They didn't take nothing from him but his life and before I put my baby in the ground, they got to get them boys. They took my baby," White said with a face full of pain.

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