Man arrested in teen's abduction, violent stabbing

Newnan Police have arrested a man for the stabbing of multiple people and the abduction of a teenager Friday night.

Police say 22-year-old Adrian Garcia-Zamarron took 15-year-old Amanda Ornelas from a laundromat on the 100 block of Temple Avenue after stabbing four members of her family.

"This was a very bad scene, and we're fortunate it has not turned out worse than it has so far," a spokesperson for the Newnan Police said. "It was gruesome."

Police said the victims were Amanda's uncle, aunt and cousins. 

Garcia-Zamarron fled with Amanda in a white convertible, which was later found along Interstate 75 in Monroe.

After a search, deputies located both people walking alongside a road near where the vehicle was stopped.

Garcia-Zamarron is currently held in the Monroe County Jail and has been charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping.

Police say that Amanda appears to be unharmed physically.

Business may be returning to the laundromat now, but the nerves of the neighbors are far from calm.

"The world we live in now is scary," one told FOX 5. "It's scary, very scary."