Man arrested for stealing dozens of car radios from new cars at dealerships

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A Woodstock man was arrested for stealing dozens of radios out of vehicles at dealerships in two counties. Investigators say the thefts have been going on for months. 

Detectives say 46-year-old Chad Abbel stole at least 40 audio systems from brand new cars at dealerships in Bartow and Cherokee Counties.  Police say 23 radios were stolen from cars at a lot in Canton. 

"He took them and he was selling them for a profit," said Canton Police Sgt. Tiffanie Cromer. 

Police say Abbel would sneak on to a lot and tear out the stereo system in a matter of minutes.  Each one has an anti-theft device, but police say that didn't stop him. 

"It's my understanding he has been able to pass this, the anti-theft system," said Sgt. Cromer. 

Detectives say they watched online sale sites and that's how they caught up with him.  Friday morning investigators with Canton Police, Cartersville Police and the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office searched a home in Woodstock and arrested Abbel. 

Abbel is being held in the Cherokee County Jail.