Man arrested for impersonating a police officer wasn't wearing pants

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Police said a man claimed he was a cop, he also threatened to kill the officers who were arresting him.  Kennesaw Police say when they encountered Austin Stovall, he was aggressive, combative, and he wasn't wearing any pants. 

Police said they were patrolling the West 22 Apartments after a large party. They saw an SUV parked in the lot. It was running and a man was passed out in the driver's seat.  

"They smelled marijuana coming from the car, that's when they detained him. When they got him out that's when they found a bottle of testosterone in the car, a Schedule III Drug," said Kennesaw Police Officer Scott Luther.

Although Stovall said he was a police officer, investigators noticed he wasn't dressed like one, in fact, they say, he was barely dressed.

"When they looked inside his pants were laying on the ground in the floorboard," said Officer Luther.

Police said when they arrested Stovall he was so aggressive they had to put him in a restraint chair with a mask over his head to keep him from spitting at them. Police said he threatened to kill them. 

"On the way to jail he told the officer he was going to look him up on social media and kill him," said Officer Luther. 

In a video from inside the jail, Stovall can be heard threatening the officers.

"If I didn't have these on me I'd hit you square in the face I'd hit you so hard you wouldn't believe it," said Stovall. 

Stovall faces a number of charges including Impersonating a police officer, obstruction, disorderly conduct and possession of a Schedule III Drug.