Lyft offers drivers new perk

Many of our FOX 5 viewers have a side hustle - that extra job to pad the bank account. Well, if you've thought of driving for a ride share business, then listen up. Lyft has sweetened the deal.

As you are aware, with this car service, you are supplying your own car. And when it breaks down, well, you have to fix it. Here's where this new idea comes in.

The car service Lyft announced on its blog that it's opening a series of car repair centers. Yes, they will operate car repair shops for minor repairs. It'll be staffed with Lyft employees and some will have certified mechanics. The company claims their shops will work twice as fast and offer discounts of up to 50 percent. Some of the services they'll offer will be maintenance like oil changes, easier repairs, and car washes.  

It's been widely reported the one location that's already open in San Francisco will offer, for $70 bucks,  a wash, oil change, and tire rotation.

Lyft is also catching up to Uber by now offering a debit card. Drivers will be allowed to access ride earnings immediately and will offer up to four percent cash back on some purchases like gas and groceries.

Again, one shop is already open and 34 more are expected. There's every reason to believe Atlanta is on the list.