Look out for these red flags of a bad mover

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May is the month we are on the move. Literally, this is when most people move. So, for National Moving Month here is advice on how to make it go as smoothly as possible.

The easiest way to start is by getting recommendations from friends and family. After getting that name, make sure the moving company is licensed by doing some background checking.

If the move is in-state, the Georgia Department of Public Safety has a list of licensed movers and their histories, with information that says exactly why someone is unsatisfactory.

In addition to checking with the state, cross check with the Better Business Bureau, the Georgia Movers Association as well as the American Moving and Storage Association.  It's important to check all of these. And don't forget the Moving Scam website because many rogue companies will lift the name of a well-established moving company, and one of these groups should catch it.

For an out-of-state move, the rules are a little different. That's where the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration comes in. Look for the insurance requirements and required participation by the company in dispute resolution. 

Finally, be aware of red flags.  Be very careful when a mover gives an estimate for a move without seeing the home first. And when the contract is sent, make sure there are no blank spaces left for them to fill in later after the signing. If they won't show their insurance paperwork, move on. If they say they don't really need a license, move on.