Local volunteers making face masks for healthcare workers during shortage

Erin Dunken is turning her frustration into action.

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"Homemade masks is a desperate measure to take but as far as I can tell we are in a desperate situation right now," Dunken told 

A desperate situation that she's hoping to help ease.

Saturday, Dunken created the Facebook group COVID Covers aiming to help with the national face masks shortage.

"When I saw on Facebook that there were some hospitals that were actually asking for these masks to be donated, i knew that it would be prudent to organize the people around here," she detailed.

People like Jessica King wanted to get involved.

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"They're in different stages of preparation. Like, these are just pinched together. These are pinned together with elastic between them," King explained.

With the help of her family, she's planning to sew 150 masks.

"We're willing to do whatever we can in the community to make the battle a little easier for them," King said. 

She fears that battle could e long term if people don't step up.

"There's a possibility our hospitals aren't gonna be able to handle the amount of people needing help and we've got to keep the people on the front lines safe and healthy or they cant help us," King explained. 

The volunteers said they are following guidelines offered by medical experts on creating the masks.

Dunken told they want to have them ready for local hospitals, nursing homes, and first responders as soon as possible.

They still need people who can sew or donate material like fabric.