Lawyers for Ross Harris want bad acts evidence tossed

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The man accused of killing his child in a hot car appeared before a Cobb County judge for a motions hearing on Monday. 

Defense Attorneys for murder suspect Ross Harris want so-called "bad acts" evidence thrown out of the trial. Attorney Maddox Kilgore said any sexting, infidelity or desire to live a child free life should be considered separate from the murder charge.



Kilgore said prosecutors oversold the possibility that the life insurance policy was the motive. Attorney Kilgore revealed it was actually Harris' brother who brought the issue up as a means for the murder suspect to pay his bills.



Harris cried openly in court for the first time when his attorney talked about how much he loved his son. 



Little Cooper Harris was found dead in the back of his father's SUV back in June of 2014. Prosecutors say Harris intentionally left the 22-month-old in the hot car for hours while he engaged in sexting with women outside of his marriage as the child was dying. 



The Defense Attorney conceded Harris had contact with four women on social media around the time of the death, but all of those women told investigators Harris loved his son and would never do anything to harm him. 



The defense attorney said Harris was distraught after learning of the death and sobbed uncontrollably and called out to God. Prosecutors have not yet responded to the motion.

Ross Harris' murder trial is set to begin on April 11.