Lawsuit claims woman burned by cigarette

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A lawsuit has been filed in Fulton County against an area assisted living and its owner, claiming an assistant nurse at the Hapeville Manor Nursing Home intentionally burned an elderly resident with a cigarette.

A civil lawsuit is looking to hold the nursing home and its owner responsible.

FOX 5 News spoke to attorney Evan Jones over the phone. He who represents the victim, Ms. Jaqueline Stafford and her family.

"She's got these strange wounds, marks on her face and all over her body," said Jones.

According to the complaint, during her temporary stay at the facility earlier this year, Ms. Stafford was burned multiple times over the course of 5 days. Jones says, when her son first asked the nursing home about it, they tried to deny it.

"He is first told that his mom had these rug burns and or may have fallen asleep and the glasses caused the mark on her face," said Jones.

But they later changed their story after health officials at the hospital determined otherwise.

"He goes back to Hapeville Manor, he confronts them about this and they finally fess up that something happened."

It's unclear whether there are more victims out there but even just this case came as a shock to the man who owns the property next door.

"In really surprised," said Cliff Christensen.

Christensen has lived next door for two years and says nothing like this has ever happened.

"I've met four, maybe five of them and talked with them," said Christensen. "They all seem like decent folks, I didn't meet anybody who I wouldn't want to look after my mom or grandmother," said Christensen.

According to the complaint, two assistant nurses were fired and Hapeville Police were called into to investigate. But attorney Jones believes the owner and facility should also be held accountable.

"There is a violation of a standard of care for personal care homes and assisted living facilities," said Jones.

FOX 5 News reached out to Hapeville Manor Assisted Living and spoke to officials twice who said they would be responding with a statement. That statement did not arrive before Wednesday night's deadline.

As for Ms. Stafford, she has recovered from her wounds but she does have some scarring.



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