Large tree in Chamblee crashes down on nearby cars

A fast-moving storm passing over Chamblee Tuesday afternoon sent a big tree crashing onto several vehicles at an apartment complex.

Viewer video showed the downpour minutes after the tall timber toppled atop several vehicles in the parking lot of a section of Valley Oaks apartment complex.

Penny Dalton was in her apartment next to the tree.

"It was like a whirlwind really fast and hail was hitting the window real hard. Once the winds stopped blowing I came out and we could see that this had fell," said Dalton.

Four vehicles, a car and three SUV's and a trailer were crushed or damaged by the big tree.

One of the SUV's belongs to Victor Nieto who told FOX 5 News in Spanish the downed tree is old and decayed.

He said, "This isn't right we think the owners should pay for our damages because that tree is very old."

No one from management was available to speak of his concerns but resident Fernando Godinez who shared video with FOX 5 News blames only Mother Nature.

"I think it's Mother Nature, I mean you can't go around touching every tree just to see if it's a good old hard tree," said Godinez.

Numerous residents told FOX 5 News a family was displaced from an apartment where the top of the tree landed.

Eyewitnesses also said no one was hurt, which was the silver lining in the dark and dangerous cloud which passed by earlier.

"You know martial wise that's a good thing we can get it back but nobody was hurt so that's a good thing," said Godinez.