Jogger attacked during early morning robbery in Grant Park

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A young man goes for an early morning run near Grant Park Wednesday and is held up at gunpoint. After the incident, he ran home and woke up his mother to tell her what happened.

"Thankfully he is here today and can go have dinner with me now otherwise it would have been a much sadder day," said Amanda Glaser.

Her son Calvin said he went for a jog between 2 and 3 in the morning because his blood sugar was high. That was when three men jumped him and pulled out a gun.

"I kind of got what was coming to me I wasn't really thinking about it I just moved from a more rural area so city life," said Calvin Glaser.

At first, Calvin said he only saw one of the guys and thought he was asking for change. He said he stopped to tell the guy he did not have any money and that is when he saw the gun and the two other men. The guys patted him down, found his wallet, and took the cash.

"It was $140," said Amanda Glaser. "He didn't even realize his wallet was in his pocket didn't realize everything is gone that he worked so hard for. We work a couple of jobs so that was um a big loss."

The men also demanded Calvin turn over what they thought was his phone. That is when Calvin said he showed them his insulin that is attached to his body. Luckily, the men were not interested in taking the medical device. Calvin's mother said that would have been difficult replace and could have resulted in a hospital stay or worse for Calvin.

Atlanta Police said the men cussed Calvin out and punched him a few times in the face before running off. Other than a little redness, Calvin does not have any injuries.

"They just split off in different directions and I just ran like hell all the way home," said Calvin. That's when he woke up his mom, told her what happened and called the police.

Overall, both Amanda and Calvin said they are grateful money is the only thing Calvin lost.

Police are still looking for the three men responsible for this crime.