Injuries increase among children during pandemic from accidents related to ATV's, dirt bikes and more

New data shows a big increase in injuries among children in the last 6 months. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta says those injuries are related to accidents involving ATV’s, golf carts, go-carts, UTV’s and dirt bikes. 

While Children’s says it’s normal for some increase in injuries over summer months, they say the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to this year’s higher than normal numbers.

Since March, the number of injuries has gone up compared to last year every month. April and May in particular saw numbers double. 

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Dr. Ashley Brouillette says, “I think a lot of the reason we see things like this is that with everything being shut down and with all of the different changes to school and sports, I think the kids are just having more time to be outside.” She goes on to say, “I think that availability has just let to more use, and therefore led to more injuries.”

Dr. Brouillette is a pediatric sports medicine physician at Children’s.

She says the injuries are seen across all ages, with most injuries being fractures or concussions. She believes that as schools return to in-person instruction, the number of injuries will hopefully level off. 

Dr. Brouillette says it’s important for children to stay active, especially while the pandemic has shut down various places. That’s why she encourages parents to make sure their child is engaging in age-appropriate activities, and taking proper safety precautions like wearing a helmet. 

Children’s has a website for parents who are looking for tips on how to keep your child active and safe at the same time. You can visit that here:

Dr. Brouillette says it’s normal for Children’s to see an increase in athlete injuries in the summer months. Since schools turned virtual, she says those athletes are likely looking for a way to get outside which could lead to more injuries during school months.

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