Hilarious video shows Amazon driver following 'tough' directions

A Johns Creek couple's home surveillance camera caught an Amazon delivery partner going above and beyond to follow some tough directions.

When the driver pulled up to Brian and Maria Coles' home, he noticed a unique doormat. It read, "Please hide packages from husband."

In the video, the delivery man could be seen reading the doormat. Then, he looked around for a good hiding spot.

He finally settled on the nearby bench, and covered the package with pillows.

(Credit: Brian and Maria Coles) (Supplied)

He took a picture for his delivery receipt, and then he was on his way.

This isn't the first time FOX 5 Atlanta has seen a funny welcome mat like this.

In 2018, a woman with a similar mat posted online about her own hilarious exchange with a delivery person who also honored the request. After her post went viral, the doormat reportedly sold out.