Heavy rains cause Newnan bowling alley roof to collapse

A popular Newnan bowling alley was evacuated Friday night after a torrential downpour led to a partial roof collapse.

It happened at the Junction Lanes Bowling Alley just after 6 p.m.

“We had just an incredible immense amount of rain in a short period of time,” said owner Ryan Huber.

He said the business was open with people primarily in the bowling alley when the downpour occurred.

“It actually caused under the main sprinkler valves to break which caused a lot of water damage inside,” said Huber. 

He said the problems occurred over the glow golf area which was empty at the time, even though lots of bowlers were inside at the building at the time. 

“About 12 lanes of bowlers bowling in there, but there wasn’t any in the glow golf area so there was no damage to the back side where all the bowling is,” said Huber. 

He said the Newnan Fire Department arrived quickly and helped evacuate the building.

The fire marshal officially closed the building to the public.

Now the big concern is the standing water on the roof and Huber hopes it doesn’t lead to more problems.

Adding to the water woes are heavy rooftop air conditioning units which could make things worse.

“They are pretty heavy rooftop units so if we don’t get the water off of there then ultimately it could all fall in which is why we are not going to allow anybody inside,” said Huber.

On the bowling alley Facebook page this message was posted.

‘Due to the immense amount of rain there was some water damage in the glow golf area, so we are closed for the evening. We anticipate bowling to be open tomorrow, but be sure and check for updates before you come. Thanks!’

Huber asked customers to check the bowling alley's Facebook page for updates.