'Haunted' furniture sells at North Carolina thrift store

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A mysterious note warning off potential buys didn't stop two customers in South Carolina from becoming the proud new owners of some frightening furniture.

The thrift store in Rowan County, North Carolina was able to sell the queen canopy bed frame and highboy chest of drawers, but it came with a warning.

That warning? A note from the previous owners, saying they had continuous nightmares when they owned the furniture.

Even their dogs kept barking at the pieces.

The store's owner said the note wasn't exactly a selling point.

"We are a Christian housing ministry. We don't say we believe in ghosts or don't, but I have trouble selling this to someone and not disclosing that," she said. "I would want to know as a customer."

The couple the bed set came from say once they moved the chest out, those eerie encounters stopped.

The new owners of the creepy furniture said they just hope they're dealing with a nice ghost.

FOX 5 reported this story from Atlanta.