Gwinnett Police try to identify four-time robbery suspect

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Two separate law enforcement agencies want to track down the same man after they believe he committed four robberies since December.

Gwinnett Police said the man used a Taser when he robbed an indoor play center on Riverside Parkway in January.  They released surveillance video of the crime Wednesday. 

"In this one, [the employee] says that the suspect is armed with a Taser in his right hand while he's got a covering over his left hand," explained Gwinnett Police Department Cpl. Michelle Piherea. "So when he first approaches her, you're going to see that he's got some sort of object in that right hand and then he puts his hand in his pocket, leaves the item in his pocket, takes the hand back out so he can grab the cash."

Children were playing just feet away from the register at the time of the robbery.

"He's probably within ten, 15 feet of them.  Thankfully, the children did not know that the business was being robbed, only the employee knew," said Cpl. Pihera. 

Investigators said the man struck again more than a month later when he approached an employee inside a Subway restaurant just down the street.  That time, however, the employee told him that she had to go to the back to get a key for the register. The suspect left the restaurant when he heard a door chime go off.

Police in Suwanee believe the man involved in those robberies is also responsible for hitting the Aldi grocery store on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in December and January.

Anyone with information about the suspects or the crimes should notify police.