Gwinnett law enforcement reflects on Dallas, Baton Rogue

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The murder of officers in Baton Rouge comes just more than a week after five officers were killed in Dallas.

In Gwinnett County, a number of local officers who attended the Dallas funerals, returned home to the devastating news there had been another attack on their brothers in blue.

Monday afternoon, they sat down and spoke with FOX 5 News about their trip to Dallas and what it's like to be an officer with all this tragedy all over the country. The deputies and officers from Gwinnett County said the things they saw on their trip to Dallas will bond them forever. They were among hundreds of law enforcement officers from across the country who traveled to the funerals of five officers ambushed and killed last week.

The officers returned Sunday morning, hours later, news broke that 3 officers in Baton Rouge were killed after being ambushed there. Despite the recent attacks on officers, it was obvious these officers are unwavering in their love of their job and their community.

Over the last week or so, these officers said they have seen an overwhelming show of support from the community and that means more than anything. In fact, while FOX 5’s cameras were at the Lawrenceville Police Department, a woman came by to drop off a chocolate chip pound cake for the officers.