Gwinnett County Police using cruise lights

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One of Georgia’s largest counties is going to be seeing more blue lights on the streets.

The Gwinnett County Police Department announced this week they plan to keep their blue “cruise lights” on while patrolling.

The cruise lights are the non-flashing blue lights on top of the cruiser’s light bar. A few years ago, the Georgia Legislature passed a law which only allowed law enforcement vehicles to have those type of blue accent lights for this purpose.

The department said the lights are used at an officer's discretion and are not used for traffic stops. Motorists will still see flashing blue lights for cruisers responding to an emergency or for when they are pulling someone over.

The move is meant to help make officers more visible. Several other police departments have already started using the cruiser lights, but Gwinnett County is the largest police force so far to make the move.