Gunmen shoot up southwest Atlanta apartment building

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Residents of a Southwest Atlanta apartment complex experienced a dangerous situation after more than 40 shots were fired the building. Bullets pierced doors and windows. One bullet came close to a sleeping woman it tore the hair extensions out of her head. 

Most of the units in building 29 at the Eagle's Nest Apartments on Landrum Drive were hit by bullets.

"My front door was shot up, the mirror on my dresser busted, the bullet went clean through my closet tore up clothes," said Carolyn Thrasher, who lives in one of the upstairs units.

Her 19-year-old granddaughter was asleep when a bullet came so close to her head, it tore out her hair extensions. 

"The sleeping cap, holes all in it where the bullet went through and took her hair out with the sleeping cap on her head," said Thrasher.

Atlanta police found more than 40 shell casings in the parking lot from two different guns. 

"We recovered a 5.56 caliber associated with a longer type of gun, and we also recovered some 40 caliber casings, usually associated with a handgun," said Atlanta Police Investigator James White. 

FOX 5's Denise Dillon went into one apartment that had 17 bullet holes.  here were holes in the bedroom wall, through a door into the bathroom and landed in the shower wall. 

Residents are nervous. Thrasher says she has trouble sleeping and can't stop thinking about the bullets that came much too close to her granddaughter. 

"It's terrifying. I sleep on the floor. I can't sleep in my bed," she said. 

Police say the shooting happened around midnight on March 21. Most people were asleep and no one could give officers a description of the shooter or shooters.

This is a Crime Stoppers case, you can give tips to police and remain anonymous at 404-577-TIPS.