Gun incidents, homicides up in Atlanta over last year

Homicides are up in Atlanta over last year, but the bad news does not end there.

Overall, shooting incidents are up significantly throughout the city and the southeast section is considered a super-hotspot by police

No amount of planning can drastically cut the trend police are seeing in shooting incidents -- some spur of the moment -- some stray bullets.

One of the hotspots -- near Downtown in the Edgewood-Auburn corridor. 

An employee working inside one of the establishments hears a vehicle burn rubber, and seconds later, his leg is burning from hot bullets that pierced the facade.

The Atlanta City Council on Monday heard a top police commander outline what's been happening beyond the homicide stats. There are 127 more than the first three months of this year. A police map of the city gives a breakdown. Citizens can go online to see where the gunfire is happening. 

Councilman Antonio Brown believes there is a lot more attention on it now because, in part, some new citizens are feeling the impact.

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