Good Day's Buck Lanford sits down with stars of 'Fantastic Four'

It's the latest installment of the Marvel Comics classic, Fantastic Four.  The bottom line is this, four young outsiders teleport themselves to an alternate universe, causing their bodies to change in dramatic ways.  In the end, they have to work together as a team to save the world.

Miles Keller plays Reed Williams (aka Mr. Fantastic).  Michael B. Jordan plays Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch).  Kate Mara plays his adopted sister Sue Storm (aka The Invisible Woman).  And Jamie Keller plays Ben Grimm (aka The Thing).

Good Day Atlanta's Buck Lanford got the chance to sit down with Jordan, Mara, and Keller to talk about the movie which opens Friday night.  Among other things, they talked about the relationship on the set, what it is like to fly, and the seemingly inevitable sequel.

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