Good Day Atlanta viewer information Sept. 14, 2020

Want a true taste of Philadelphia? Try these cheesesteaks 

If you’re a regular Good Day Atlanta viewer, you know we’re big fans of just about every kind of food — burgers, pizza, chicken and waffles, and more.  So, when we had the chance to spend the morning at a place specializing in authentic Philly cheesesteaks, you could say we ran there fast than Rocky ran up the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks was created back in 2016 by West Philadelphia native Derrick Hayes, who started serving up his signature sandwiches out of a Dunwoody gas station before moving into his own spot on Forsyth Street in Downtown Atlanta.  

Hayes says the goal of his eatery — named after his father, David — is to give Atlantans a true taste of his home, which means offering a wide range of cheesesteak sandwiches, including beef, chicken, fried chicken, and salmon.  But if you really want to see what Big Dave’s can do, you can order your cheesesteak “Dave’s Way” — which adds mushrooms, sweet peppers, banana peppers, and three kinds of cheese to the already-heaping sandwich!

Owner Hayes says philanthropy is also an important part of his business plan; earlier in the coronavirus pandemic, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks provided free meals to health care workers along with helping distribute medical supplies to area hospitals.  

So … who’s hungry?  You can read more about Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks and look over the menu by click over to the business’s website here; the restaurant is located at 57 Forsyth St. NW in Atlanta.  And that’s exactly where we spent the morning, doing a little taste-testing and learning more about how Derrick Hayes is spicing up the Atlanta food scene with his big, flavorful sandwiches. 


Dr. Taz Bhatia on Good Day Atlanta: 

A recent study shows uncontrolled blood pressure is getting worse in the United States. It also might increase the risk for severe illness from Covid-19. Integrative medicine physician and wellness expert Dr. Taz Bhatia joins Good Day with ways to keep your blood pressure under control.  For more information on Dr. Taz click here. 

Actress Jasmine Burke on Good Day Atlanta:

Television and film productions are starting up again after being shut down for months during the pandemic. Local actress Jasmine Burke is back at work as Dr. Christie, filming season 5 of "Saints and Sinners." 

She joins Good Day live to talk about what life as an actress is like right now. Burke also offered her tips and precautions for working on set during a pandemic.  To keep up with Jasmine Burke follow her on social media @thejasmineburke.  

Top 5 tips for actors to remember when working on set during the pandemic from Jasmine Burke:

1. Bring wipes, spray for trailer

2. Elbow bump

3. Allow crafty to service you

4. Wash your hands before and after your scene

5. Limit your interactions.

Brittany "The Juice Girl" demonstrates making Ginger Pineapple Juice: 

Cooler temperatures are headed our way, as we’re just about a week away from fall. Experts say ginger is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory remedies.

Brittany “The Juice Girl” has a quick and easy pineapple and ginger juice recipe that’s both delicious and healthy. She prepares each of her juices with fresh fruits and or vegetables and offers a delivery service when you order.

For more information on “The Juice Girl,” you can follow her on Instagram @The_JuiceGirl you can check out the website here. Steps for preparing your own Ginger pineapple juice are below: 


  • 1 Ginger 
  • 1 Pineapple

Step 1: Wash your fruits  

Step 2: Cut the fruit up small enough to fit into your  juicer

Step 3: Start juicing 

Step 4: Drink Responsibly

Jenn Hobby talks about ways you can give back safely during Childhood Cancer Awareness month. For more information on Jenn Hobby follow her on Instagram @jennhobby.