Good Day Atlanta viewer information: October 29, 2021

Paul heads to The Battery: Although the biggest thing happening at The Battery this weekend may be games 3 through 5 of the World Series, but there are also some really nice places to eat and places to have fun. Paul shows us around the place, and how each space is gearing up to cheer on the Braves!

Burgers with Buck: To commemorate the Braves making it to the World Series, this week Buck tries a burger at Truist Park Burger!

Atlanta Falcons VP of Security shares info on the Evolv machine: Over the last few months since they’ve been installed, the Falcons have seen that one Evolv machine can filter as many fans through as 10 mags can in the same amount of time.

Griff previews the Braves coming home for game 4 of the World Series: The boys are back in town, and Atlanta is gearing up for game 4 of the world series! Right now it's tied 1-1, but we're all hoping the Braves take the lead tonight. Griff from Get up Morning with Erica Campbell on Praise 102.5 gets us hype before tonight. 

Damon Dash brings original content from his Dame Dash Studios to FOX SOUL: Every Saturday at 7 p.m. there will be a four-hour block that will feature a mix of cultural music, talk, film, and health content from Dash’s streaming platform. Dash says he founded the platform for millennial trendsetters. For more information click here.

Pike Nurseries gives tips on making spooky plants:  Halloween is this weekend and we’re feeling the spooky spirit! Pike Nurseries show you how to take your Halloween and Harvest displays to the next level with plants.