Good Day Atlanta Viewer Information: October 12, 2020

Sheryl Lee Ralph talks to us about a new special series that is set to premiere on BET:  A new special series is set to air on BET that's raising awareness about Breast Cance a disease that affects millions of women across the country.   One of those stories featured in the series is "Like, Comment Subscribe."  A popular vlogger's world is turned upside down when she is diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.  Joining us to discuss the series is original "Dream Girl," actor, singer and director Sheryl Lee Ralph.  For more information on Sheryl Lee Ralph or her book Redefining Diva, visit her website here or follow her on social media Twitter: @THESHERYLRALPHInstagram: @DIVA3482.  For more on The Waiting Room: Like, Comment Subscribe," click here. 

Dr. Neil Winawer joins us with the latest Covid-19 news:  Dr. Neil Winawer joins us from the Emory School of Medicine with the latest Coronavirus news.  For more information follow him on Instagra @neilwinawer .  

Oakland Cemetery Halloween tours go virtual:  One of Metro Atlanta’s most popular Halloween events is going virtual this year – but don’t worry, it turns out the “residents” at Historic Oakland Cemetery enjoy telling their stories no matter the format!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Tours at Historic Oakland Cemetery won’t happen in person – but cemetery staffers have created a virtual experience available to those interested in taking in some history instead of hauntings.  The annual Halloween-season tour features actors bringing to life the stories of those who eternally rest in the famed cemetery – and the virtual version will feature the same thing.  Those interested may purchase the experience online, and then stream the video from the safety and comfort of their very own home.

The story of the cemetery stretches back to 1850, when city leaders bought six acres to be used as a public burial ground; by 1867, it had grown to nearly 50 acres, and was named Oakland Cemetery shortly thereafter.  Some of our area’s most notable residents have been laid to rest there, including golfer Bobby Jones, National PTA co-founder Selena Sloan Butler, Morris Brown College founder Bishop Wesley John Gaines, and writer Margaret Mitchell.

The Halloween-time tours have sold out every year since 2008 – which means a virtual event gives even more people a chance to experience the popular event.  For more information on the experience, click here – and click the video player to check out our morning at Historic Oakland Cemetery, doing a little exploring of our own!         

Nikki DeLoach talks new Hallmark movie "Sweet Autumn": The story follows DeLoach's character Maggie as she and Dex (Andrew Walker) try to figure out why they were both left with her aunt’s candy shop. The movie premieres on The Hallmark channel Oct. 17 at 9 p.m.  Deloach will also star in "Cranberry Christmas" as part of the highly anticipated Miracles of Christmas lineup on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The movie also stars Benjamin Ayres and will debut on Oct. 31. You can follow Nikki DeLoach on social media @Nikdeloach. For more on "Sweet Autumn" click here.

Image strategy expert Jordan Stolch talks National Savings Day: Oct. 12 is National Savings Day, which is the perfect opportunity to give shopping enthusiasts some effective strategies that will help them make smart purchasing decisions while keeping more money in their wallets. The tips come at the perfect time, as we are approaching the holiday season and we're in the middle of a pandemic. Jordan Stolch gives pointers on how you can save money during these uncertain times, as well as tips on how to earn cash back in some instances. 

  • Price Adjustment: Why feeling guilty about asking for your own money back makes this the most underutilized tip, and how imperative it is to overcome this mindset if you want to be a Money Master. Plus, how to do a price adjustment in less than five minutes without going back to the store!
  • Cash Back Sites: Why shopping online without initiating your purchase through a cash-back app like Rakuten, Ibotta or Swagbucks is a rookie move and how I bought myself a new computer paid for entirely by purchases I made through these referral sites.
  • Inventory Checklist: how most people waste 80% of their clothing budget by wearing only 20% of what they buy, and why an inventory checklist stops repeat buying dead in its tracks.
  • The Three-Day Rule: What to do if you aren't sure if you like something and why you should never buy it on the spot if you have to convince yourself it's the right choice.
  • Mentally Alert: The best time of day to make purchasing decisions is not when most people think, and why you end up buying things you don't need or use when you're tired.

Harry Douglas joins us from 92.9 The Game to talk about the latst NFL news.  For more information on Harry Douglas click here.