Good Day Atlanta viewer information June 25, 2020

Buy a pizza, donate a pizza at local Mellow Mushroom locations: Earlier this year, popular pizza chain Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers launched A Pie for A Pie, a program through which local owners would donate one pizza to a charity or frontline worker for every pizza sold on a particular day. Since creating the program, Mellow Mushroom owners have donated more than 10,000 pies to frontline workers, graduating seniors, and various charities across a dozen states…and now, it’s Georgia’s turn.  Today, the five Mellow Mushroom store owners here in Georgia will bake and sell pizza pies to benefit frontline workers and families in need. 

To find a Mellow Mushroom location here in Georgia, click here.  

Brian McKnight on Good Day Atlanta:  He's a 17 time Grammy nominated singer and songwriter and joins us to talk about his 20th studio album debuting. The legendary Brian Mcknight says his new album "Exodus" is also his final album. For more information click here.

Chris Hogan on Good Day Atlanta:  In these uncertain times, there can be a lot of fear and anxiety around money and providing your family. If you're ready to say "Never Again" to that financial insecurity and get control of your mone, Chris Hogan, financial expert from Ramsey Solutions, has tips for viewers to follow. For more information on Chris Hogan or the livestream tonight with Chris Hogan, Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze click here.

Fun ways to stay safe and have fun in Georgia with Erica Key:  It's summer and Atlantans are trying to find creative ways to enjoy their summer, whille being socially responsible. As we navigate through our first Coronavirus summer, we are seeing some classic activities making a comeback. Blogger Erica Key joins us with a few ideas for families to try this summer. For more information click here.