Good Day Atlanta viewer information: June 2, 2020

Museum of Design Atlanta shifts summer camps online: Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, MODA made the decision to shift campMODA 2020 online, presenting a series of design and technology-focused virtual programs aimed at students in second through twelfth grades. MODA’s first summer camp began last week, and week-long programs will continue through August 7 the entire camp schedule with details on each programs may be found here. This year, staffers say the camps will balance live instruction and self-guided activities, with a planned breakdown of roughly 20 hours of live programming per week and 15 to 25 hours of self-guided activities. Registration for campMODA 2020 is open now — more information may be found online here.  

John Adams talks refinancing amid pandemic: John Adams suggest this is a fabulous time to refinance, as thirty year fixed rates may actually be headed below 3%, which would mark the lowest rate in the modern era.  The impact of refinancing from, say, 5% to 3% over a period of yearsis truly remarkable.

Iva Ballou discusses cyberbullying and how to handle it: Among high school students, 15.5% are cyberbullied and 20.2% are bullied on school property (per the CDC). And experts are steadily warning us that cyberbullying and online dangers are increasing during this global pandemic (per WGME). Iva gives tips to parents, lessons learned from her own battle and the uniwue techniques she used to overcome bullying as a child.

2 Chainz "Tru Foundation" sponsors North Clayton High School graduation: The school year has come to a close for students across metro Atlanta. Many of them are unable to have a graduation ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic. North Clayton High School was able to have a ceremony for their students with the help of fellow alumni, and grammy-nominated recording artist 2 Chainz. The students were very grateful for the opportunity, and were thankful they get to celebrate with their classmates, especially because many others aren't able to do so. For more on the "Tru Foundation" click here.

Ashley Graham's Harper Bazaar cover photo was shot by husband at home: Ashley Graham's husband shot her new cover on their Nebraska ranch. Talk about a cute way to practice social distancing at work. The cover goes on newsstands on Wednesday. You can follow Christal on social media @enchantedpr