Good Day Atlanta viewer information June 19, 2020

Helen’s Georgia Mountain Coaster reopens to thrill-seekers:  After closing down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, Helen’s famed Georgia Mountain Coaster is back open — which means those screams you hear coming from the North Georgia are probably thrill-seekers taking a fast and furious ride down the mountain.

For information more on current hours and admission, click over to the Georgia Mountain Coaster website or Facebook page.  


Work From Home Style with stylist Robanne Schulman: If you've been working from home the last few months, you may have enjoyed the more laid back style that comes with it.  But just because you can dress more casual, doesn't mean you have to.  Robanne Schulman is a stylist and founder of "Taste and Tenacity" she joins Good Day Atlanta's Katie Beasley with more.  For more information on Robanne Schulmann or Taste & Tenacity follow her on Instagram @tasteandtenacity_ . 

Pike Nurseries: It's June and the summer heat is taking it's toll on our gardens.  But this doesn't mean gardeners need to sacrifice the fruits of their labor.  There are flowers that thrive in the summer heat.  Kara Ziegler from Pike Nurseries has tips on how to add these sun-heat-loving plants to the garden.  For more information on Pike Nurseries click here. 

Praise 102'5's Darlene McCoy on Good Day Atlanta:  Juneteenth is a day that celebrates the end of slavery, and the binning of freedom.  But amid racial tensions and a global pandemic, how do we find freedom in our own lives. Praise 102.5 's Darlene McCoy joins us with an inspirational message heading into the weekend.   For more information on Darlene McCoy cor Praise 102.5 click here. 

Gwinnett County Juneteenth celebration set to take place at Rabbit Hill Park:  One of the Juneteenth celebrations in Metro Atlant is happening in Gwinnett County.  It will be held tonight at Rabbit Hill Park.  Asia Muslim and Lashona Turner are joining s live to talk about the Juneteenth Unity Celebration.  For more information go Gwinnett Unity Project on Facebook. 

  "The Next Atlanta" on FOX 5 Sunday: The recent protests around the country and here in Atlanta have raised questions about the inequality and injustice in American society.  FOX 5 is taking a closer look at those issues in a program called "The Next Atlanta," it airs on Sundays at 8A.M.  It is hosted by George Chidi and he joins Buck Lanford on Good Day Atlanta with a preview of the show.