Good Day Atlanta viewer information July 29, 2020

Nappy Roots & Cherry Street Brewing serve up a taste of “GA”:  Members of the Grammy-nominated Nappy Roots have already perfected the recipe for making memorable music, with a list of hits stretching back to 2002’s “Awnaw.”  But over the past several years, they’ve also been busy with mixing and mastering of a different kind, brewing up beers of their own and partnering with some of the region’s best craft breweries.

The group’s latest release is a limited-edition American IPA called “On My Way to GA,” produced with Cherry Street Brewing.  Released last week, the beer — which is named after a song from the group’s 2008 album The Humdinger — is available both in cans and on tap at Cherry Street’s Halcyon Brewpub in Alpharetta and Vickery Restaurant & Taproom in Cumming.  So, what does it taste like?  Well, given the beer’s name, it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s been infused with peaches.  


Mindful Parenting with Angela Buttimer:  Parents and families are feeling the pressure with homes becoming classrooms again, when school begins virtually for many districts. This morning we have strategies for not getting overwhelmed and keeping the peace at home. Angela Buttimer with the Atlanta Center For Mindlfulness and Well-Being joins us with advice. For more information click here.

Atlanta's own Jeff Foxworthy is uncovering the true value people's keepsake in his new show "What's It Worth?": He shot to fame telling redneck jokes, performed the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and tried to find out if adults are smarter than 5th graders.   And now Atlanta's own Jeff Foxworthy is uncovering the true value of people's keepsakes in his new show "What's It Worth?" For more information click here.

NASA talks about the launch of a new rover to MARS:  Are there any signs that life once existed on Mars? The launch of a new rover to the red planet seeks to answer that questions. "Perserverance" will be the fifth rover to explore Mars, and it launches tomorrow morning. Thomas Zurbuchen, an Associate Administrator with NASA, joins us live on Good Day Atlant ato talk more on this exciting mission! For more information click here.

Erin Rae joins us from Hot 107.9 to talk about women supporting women:  For more information click here.