Georgia youth: 'Dyslexia is my superpower!'

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. And in the case of a Facebook video getting a lot of views these days, a local mother needed to send a message.

"Dyslexia's very misunderstood, and I wanted to write something that would help people understand just how brilliant our children are, just how talented and creative they are, and that they can do anything that they put their minds to," says Meagan Swingle.

Swingle is a volunteer with Decoding Dyslexia Georgia, a network of parents working to improve the lives of children with dyslexia. Because they couldn’t advocate at the Georgia Capitol in person this year, Swingle wrote and the group posted a two-minute video featuring around 80 Georgia youth.

"There are dyslexics in every single classroom, in every single grade, in every single school," says Decoding Dyslexia Georgia state leader Tina Engberg. "And for these kids to be able to raise their voices and shine like they did ... it has such power."

One of those kids is 11-year-old Kyler Smith, who proudly shows off his book in the video.

"My book is called 'I Define Me.' It's supposed to inspire other kids who have dyslexia ... or any other learning disability," Smith says. "So that they cannot feel ashamed, because dyslexia or any disability they have is their superpower."

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Six-year-old Reagan Van Arnam is also featured in the video; her smile is impossible to miss.

"It's fun to me because you get to meet a whole bunch of people just like you and you get to meet new friends that are like you," Van Arnam says.

And with more than 12,000 views so far on the Decoding Dyslexia Georgia Facebook page, that list of new friends just keeps growing. 

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