Georgia women build houses in Habitat for Humanity's Mother's Day event

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The week leading up to Mother's Day has become a women's building tradition in Habitat for Humanity.

Each year at this time, the organization and Lowe's Home Improvement holds its annual National Women Build Week, putting a house for a qualified homeowner, using almost all-female work crews.

Saturday in Lovejoy, Georgia, a local habitat female crew worked with Toyea Casey on her future home. Casey, a mother of three girls who works at McDonald's and Title Max, helped build and raise the walls of the place they would all call home soon.

And Casey has big plans for the home once it's up.

"My biggest plan is having Christmas at my house. Both of my grandmas that are in Florida are going to come and spend Christmas with me, and my siblings [are coming] too," she said. 

Casey's house is one of three that habitat crews are building in Clayton County.