Georgia woman charged with supporting ISIS

Authorities have arrested a Georgia woman who they say was part of an online group that pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization ISIS.

Investigators arrested 20-year-old Kim Anh Vo in Hephzibah, Georgia Tuesday morning and charged her with conspiring to provide material support to ISIS.

Officials say in April of 2016, Vo, who went by the internet names F@ng, SyxxZMC, Zozo, Miss.Bones, Sage Pi, and Kitty Lee, joined a group known as the United Cyber Caliphate (UCC) which is "committed to carrying out online attacks and cyber intrusions against Americans."

Law enforcement said UCC is known for spreading ISIS propaganda. That includes "kill lists" of names, addresses and information of people for group's followers to kill, Justice Department officials said.

“List of most important citizens of #New York and #Brooklyn and some other cities . . . We Want them #Dead," read one posting, which included information of 3,602 people living in the New York City area.

Officials allege that Vo worked to recruit others, including a minor living in Norway, to join the group and create online content such as videos supporting ISIS.

One such video threatened a nonprofit in New York City, saying “You messed with the Islamic State, SO EXPECT US SOON.”

Vo is expected to be presented in front of a federal magistrate judge in Augusta, Georgia Tuesday. The maximum sentence she could be charged is 20 years.