Georgia virtual cards: State agency working to address ongoing issues

The Georgia Department of Human Services says the first batch of cash assistance payments have started, but some are reporting issues.

Already, some users have been clogging the system attempting to make restricted purchases or services, the GDHS says.

"Customers who attempt to purchase restricted items with their virtual card in store or online will have their card declined per the cardholder agreement," the GDHS wrote in a statement to FOX 5.

The GDHS says there has a high volume of people using their virtual cards.

"Our payment partner reported today that over $70 million in payments have been claimed by customers so far, with tens of millions of dollars already spent at thousands of locations," the GDHS wrote.

The Georgia Department of Human Services asks users for patience.

"As you can imagine, we are experiencing a high volume of calls as well as a significant number of social media messages. We are working to respond to customer inquiries as quickly as possible through all available channels," it wrote.

Common issues with Georgia Department of Human Services virtual cards 

In a post on its Facebook page, the GDHS wrote the most common reason a virtual card may be declined is that the merchant does not accept digital cards.

"Once you have loaded your card into your digital wallet (Apple, Google, or Samsung), it can be used in store with merchants that accept digital cards," GDHS wrote. "Just open the Wallet/App on your device and follow the on-screen instructions, including entering your virtual card number manually."

GDHS goes on to explain another reason a virtual card could show it being declined is that the cashier rang up the purchase wrong.

"Make sure your virtual card is being run as a debit transaction in store. You may be required to enter your debit PIN," GDHS wrote.

GDHS says online or phone purchases may require a name and address be given.

"You’ll need to use the name and address of the person whose name appears on the virtual card as listed in Gateway," GDHS wrote.

Finally, GDHS says "car clash" may happen if there is more than one virtual card on the reader at the same time.

"To avoid card clash, make sure you have selected the virtual card you intend to pay with before touching it to the reader," GDHS wrote.

GDHS reminds card users that the virtual card does not allow for cash access.

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