Georgia Tech, Georgia State students robbed in Home Park

It was a terrifying ordeal for a trio of students from Georgia Tech and Georgia State who were robbed at gunpoint while walking down the street in the Home Park neighborhood.

Atlanta Police has teamed up with the Georgia Tech and Georgia State police departments to be on the lookout for the two armed men who chased down their victims.

"We definitely think they were probably just driving around until they saw people that would be easy targets," said Emma Jarrell, one of the victims, who is a senior at Georgia State.

The three victims, according to police, included two students, a man and woman from Georgia Tech along with Jarrell.

Jarrell said she and the others were walking home from a friend's home around 11 p.m. Monday near the intersection of McAslin and Ethel when two men holding pistols jumped out of a dark sedan.

"They got out of the car and immediately started sprinting toward us. I know that they spoke to my friends when they took their things but I turned and ran and I think one of the two that chased me gave up on chasing me," said Jarrell.

She said the crooks stole her friends’ cell phones, wallet, and purse and nothing from her.

Jarrell said after they were robbed they ran down the street until help came from Layla Larson and Kristin Andreassen.

"Someone running down the road makes you go what is going on and we kind of like peeked out the window to see what was happening," said Andreassen.

The two women said they let the victims into their home to ease their fears.

"I'm really thankful for the girls and the house on that street to let us come in and use their phone. They let us be there until the police came," said Jarrell.

The women who helped said this is a wakeup call for students at Georgia Tech and Georgia State whose may feel the safety of the campus extend further into the city of Atlanta.

"I think in a way we kind of live in an oasis. This is Atlanta, this is not necessarily a safe place so stay on your toes," said Layla Larson.

Atlanta Police said they strongly suspect the robbers stole the car they were in and were looking for targets when they robbed the three students.

The victim and the women who helped said they will refrain from late night walks and take Uber drive themselves instead.