Georgia parents charged with kidnapping grown daughter

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A Roswell couple faces serious charges Wednesday in a case that involves their own daughter.

Kenneth and Darlene Miller are accused of kidnapping their grown daughter from a home in Floyd County.

They claim that they were just trying to remove her from danger.

Police tell FOX 5 Atlanta that it was around 2 Tuesday afternoon when they were called to a home on 1st Street for a domestic call.

"911 had given us pretty significant information about a knife being pulled on the family and that someone was being dragged from the home," Floyd County Police Sergeant Chris Fincher said.

Fincher says the Millers, who live in Roswell, apparently got a call Tuesday morning from their 20-year-old daughter who was living at a home in Floyd County with her boyfriend, James Davis.


In the call, she alleged Davis was physically abusing her.

But Fincher says once the parents got to Floyd County, their daughter changed her mind and didn't want to leave. But apparently, the parents didn't take no for an answer.

"The victim did confirm that she had been pulled from the house against her will – actually picked up off the ground and pulled from the house," he said.

Unfortunately, police say that was against the law.

Officers didn't just arrest the boyfriend for possession of drugs and simple battery, they also charged the woman's parents with kidnapping.

"There are other ways to try to resolve the situation without laying hands on," Fincher said. "You don't have to result to hands on. You don't have to pull a knife." 

All three had their court appearance Wednesday morning and they all have bonded out.