Georgia-native Petronia Archer Palmer turns 100

Petronia Archer Palmer (Courtesy: Terry Price II)

The first day of September is always a special day for Petronia Archer Palmer, but this year was a bit extra special for the Georgia native. Palmer is turning 100 years old.

Mrs. Palmer’s family celebrated Tuesday evening, albeit a bit different this year due to the coronavirus. They threw her a special drive-by parade.

Her grandson Terry Price II, an educator at the Marbut Theme School, shared some past photos of Palmer and a bit about this incredible centenarian with FOX 5.

Price said his grandmother was born in Perkins, Georgia. Her birth was not marked by an official birth certificate, but as with many rural Black families of the time, they knew.

“In those days, among Black families, at times, the only official documentation of births were written in family bibles. Most births were performed in homes by midwives,” Price told FOX 5. “She knew her birthdate was Sept. 1, 1920. Her siblings, aunts, and uncles knew her birth date. They had the family bible.”

She was mentioned in official Census documents when an official noted they “saw a little girl in 1921.”

Petronia Archer Palmer (Courtesy: Terry Price II)

Palmer moved from the small town just south of Waynesboro to Savannah where she was blessed with six children of her own,13 grandchildren, 15 greatgrandchildren, and 10 great-greatgrandchildren.

These days she is living in Lithonia with her daughter due to her health.

“While she may be going through some medical issues, it is still so amazing for her to reach 100 years old,” Price said. “She is truly our hero!”

Mrs. Palmer said her secret to longevity is “trusting in God and healthy eating.

Happy 100th birthday, Mrs. Palmer!